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Embracing the
Magic of Christmas

I grew up in a family where Christmas was the most celebrated time of the year. My Grandmother Queenie instilled her love of all things Christmas into my Mother, who still carries on all of the traditions to this day. Upon discovering that ethnic Santas made up roughly 3% of the population of performers, my calling was clear. My beard had grown out and begun to fill with dashing white hairs. My wife encouraged me to embrace my natural beauty and strike out on my journey to becoming Black Santa of Atlanta. 

After over 20 years in law enforcement, I am a retired Fire and Police Chief that is hoping to develop a new legacy for myself and family by extending the warmth I have experienced during Christmas to those around the world.

Rest assured I have taken the necessary steps to undergo the appropriate training through leading industry organizations and secured insurance coverage to warrant safety for all involved. I can also furnish a national background check upon request. 

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In Home Visits

Cookies & Milk with Santa

Story Time with Santa


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Virtual Visits

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Public Events

Voyage ATL

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Covid 19 Information

2023 Season

During the 2023 season, we anticipate offering traditional, non-socially distanced visits, unless otherwise requested. 

Santa Andre is fully vaccinated and follows a strict safety protocol between visits to ensure his wardrobe is sanitized.  He wears a clean pair of gloves for each and every visit. Santa Andre and his helpers will happily wear masks if requested as well as adhering to any reasonable precautions that are desired. 

To prepare for his visit, we ask that you make sure your guests are feeling well, are fever free, have not been sick or are exhibiting any flu-like symptoms the week before your visit.

Additionally, if we feel you or any of your guests may be too ill, we reserve the right to end the visit at any time. In the event of this,  you will still be responsible for the entire booking fee.

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